Friday, September 14, 2018

Top 5 TOEFL Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Most TOEFL candidates spend their preparation period getting to know the exam and learning what they should do to ace the exam. They seldom consider what they shouldn’t do to get their score goals. Don’t make the same mistake.

Below you’ll find the top five mistakes that you need to avoid when you’re preparing and taking the exam. Consider them during your training period. If you’re preparing with an excellent program, like the one offered at the JRooz TOEFL review center in Manila, make sure you’re not committing any of these errors during your classes.

TOEFL Review

       1.    Answering practice tests without a time limit
Every component of the TOEFL test has a time limit. So, you need to get used to taking it under such pressure. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself struggling to accomplish all the tasks adequately when you take the actual exam.

       2.    Not developing strategies for each of the TOEFL task types
It’s one thing to know the various task types of the exam. It’s another to be ready for each one of them. Use your TOEFL review period to find out the best ways to approach each section of the exam. Develop test strategies. Then, test them when you take mock tests during your classes at the TOEFL Manila review center.

       3.    Obsessing over a question
Do not spend too much time on a test item. It’s one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. Here’s why.

TOEFL is a time-bound exam. You have 4.5 hours to complete the entire test.
And, while that time is divided reasonably among the four TOEFL components, it’s still up to you how you how you’re going to spend each second. Hence, you can’t afford to spend too much time on a single item. So, develop your time management skills during your classes at the TOEFL review center in Manila.

       4.    Using informal language in your essays
Keep in mind that the TOEFL exam is designed to determine your linguistic competence in an academic setting. So, stick to formal language when you write your essays. Don’t use slang, contractions (e.g., shouldn’t, can’t, couldn’t, etc.), and abbreviations.

       5.    Not proofreading your answers
Here’s the thing: if your answers and essays have a lot of grammatical inconsistencies, it’ll definitely show in your final results. So, always check your responses before going to the next item. Keep an eye out for errors in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, verb tenses, and structure.

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