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Top 10 TOEFL FAQs for the Speaking Section

The speaking test is one of the four sections of the TOEFL examination that measures your communication skills, as well as your metacognitive and cognitive strategies. As a student in a TOEFL review Philippines, it is vital that you understand the guidelines and essential information of the TOEFL speaking test. To guide you about this TOEFL section, here are the top ten frequently asked questions about the speaking test:

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      1.    How many tasks are there in the TOEFL speaking section?

The TOEFL speaking section consists of two tasks: the integrated speaking task and the independent speaking task.

     2.    What is the independent speaking task like?

The independent speaking task consists of two questions. In the first question, you need to answer an open-ended question (for example: What is your greatest fear?). In the second question, you must choose between two different options (for example: Do you prefer indoor or outdoor activities?)

     3.    What is the integrated speaking task like?

The integrated speaking task contains four questions. Each question requires you to read a short academic passage from the text and listen to a dialogue from an audio recording. Then you need to connect the information you acquired from the text and in the audio recording to give a response on the questions.

     4.    How long is the TOEFL speaking section?

The TOEFL speaking test takes about 20 minutes. In the independent speaking task, you will be given 2 minutes. In the integrated speaking task, you will be given 18 minutes.

     5.    Do I need to wear headphones for the TOEFL speaking test?

Yes. You will be given noise-canceling headphones with a microphone that you will use for this TOEFL section.

     6.    Can I take notes during the speaking test?

Yes. Actually, you can take notes on every TOEFL section. The test administrator will provide a paper for each test taker. Instructors in the TOEFLreview center in Cebu recommend their students to look for various note-taking tips before taking the test.

     7.    How to get a high score in the independent speaking task?

To do well in this speaking task, look for samples of open-ended question and try to answer them. You can also create your own question or ask someone to give you an open-ended question.

      8.    How to get a high score in the integrated speaking task?

In the integrated speaking task, you need to understand the main idea of an academic text and the central topic of a dialogue in the recording properly. You can look for reading and listening tips in your classes at the TOEFL review Philippines or join a group study session.

      9.    Can I request a score review of my speaking responses?

Yes. You can request a score review for up to 30 days after your test date. However, your speaking test result cannot be reviewed if you have already requested that your scores be sent to an institution,

      10.  How are the TOEFL speaking responses scored?

Your recorded responses in the speaking test are sent to ETS, where 3 to 6 certified TOEFL raters score them on a scale of 0 to 4. The average score on the 6 questions is converted to a scaled score of 0 to 30.

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