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Top TOEFL FAQs for the Reading Section

Most students in a review center for TOEFL find the reading section as the most challenging part of the TOEFL test. As a test taker, it is important that you understand the component and essential points about the reading test. To guide you about this TOEFL section, here are the top TOEFL FAQs for the reading exam:

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  • What is the TOEFL reading section like?
         The reading exam is the first section of the TOEFL test that is designed to measure your ability to analyze and understand university-level academic texts and texts. During your TOEFL review class, you can look for various academic texts that you can use to boost your TOEFL reading preparation.
  • What types of texts are there in the TOEFL reading section?
         In the TOEFL reading section, the texts are extracts from university textbooks or academic articles on a wide range of topics. These texts are similar to the types of reading materials you usually find in universities and colleges.

  • How long is the TOEFL reading section?
         The TOEFL reading section takes about 60–80 minutes to finish. You have 20 minutes to read each text and answer the question that follows.

  • How many questions are there in the TOEFL reading section?
         In the TOEFL reading section, you will encounter about 12–14 questions per text.

  • What types of question are there in the TOEFL reading test?
         There are ten types of questions that you might encounter in the reading test. Each type requires a different skill. These are: 

1.   Summarize information in a text
2.    Guess vocabulary from context
3.    Make inferences from the author’s viewpoint
4.    Identifying inferences
5.    Recognizing essential facts in the texts
6.    Understand rhetorical purpose (why the writer included particular information)
7.    Identifying negative facts (a fact that is not included in the text)
8.    Insert a word or sentence into the correct place in a paragraph
9.    Simplify information by identifying the appropriate paraphrase
10.  Complete tables by dragging and dropping sentences.

  •         Can I take notes during the reading test?
          Yes. You can actually write down notes throughout the entire TOEFL test, using the provided paper by the test administrator. You can look for practical note-taking strategies to enhance your TOEFL review preparation.
  •          Can I take only the reading section during the TOEFL test?
          No, you can’t. All TOEFL sections must be taken at the same time. To receive a score, you must answer at least one question in the reading and listening sections, write at least one essay in the writing section, and complete at least one speaking task.

  •            How are the TOEFL reading responses scored?
          In the TOEFL reading section, you’ll earn one to three points for marking correct answers and zero points for every incorrect answer. You can earn a maximum of 45 raw points on the TOEFL reading section.

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