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Top 5 TOEFL Cheating Attempts and Controversies

Achieving your TOEFL grade goals is definitely not the easiest of tasks. You need to invest a lot of time and effort getting to know the test and honing your communicative skills. Enrolling in a TOEFL review center in Manila certainly helps. However, it can’t guarantee test success.

This article delves into the stories of the TOEFL test takers who chose the easy but illegal way to obtain their score goals. Consider their foiled attempts at cheating the exam as a warning. If you’re taking classes at a center TOEFL review center in Manila, you’re instructor probably mentioned some of them.

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Before we dive into their con cases, let’s establish what TOEFL considers as cheating and how it deals with cheaters.

     ·         TOEFL does not tolerate any fraudulent or unethical behavior during the test. This includes—but are not limited to—the following:
o   completing the exam with the help of other people
o   gaining an unfair advantage by having pre-knowledge of the exam
o   obtaining the exam questions and/or answers before, during, or after their test attempt
o   having someone else sit the whole exam in one’s stead
o   having someone else sit a part of the exam in one’s stead

     ·         TOEFL may use statistical and professional evaluation methods as proof that the candidate did not accomplish the test independently.

     ·         TOEFL punishes cheating test takers by…
o   …holding their test results.
o   …cancelling their test results.
o   …cancelling their exam appointment in advance.
o   …banning them from re-taking the exam.

The people in the list below didn’t let the critical consequences of cheating TOEFL get in the way of their schemes, and they paid dearly for it. Use their stories as a study motivator on your next classes at the TOEFL Manila training center.

     1.    Three Chinese students admit involvement in TOEFL fraud.
On August 30, 2017, three Chinese students from different American universities admitted that they were guilty of cheating TOEFL. One of them took the exam for the other two. All three faced sentences for time served and deportation.

     2.    Chinese woman pleads guilty to cheating TOEFL.
On April 3, 2018, a Chinese woman, who had been a student at Pennsylvania State University at the time, admitted that she did not obtain her TOEFL results by honest means. She paid someone to take the exam for her after she failed to reach the minimum grade required by Penn State. She was sentenced to time served after she agreed to be deported.

     3.    The US Justice Department indicts 15 Chinese nationals for test cheating.
On May 29, 2015, 15 Chinese nationals were charged with cheating, not just the TOEFL but the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) as well. They took the tests for other people to help the candidates enter their desired US universities—or, at least obtain the visa that allows them to do so.

     4.    Schools intensify their crackdown on cheating Chinese students
In 2013, high schools, colleges, and universities across American ramped up their efforts to flush out cheating students. Some of the increasingly creative ways that authorities came upon before and during their crackdown include: hiring ghostwriters to accomplish their essay requirements, altering their academic transcripts, and having qualified lookalikes to take the TOEFL for them.

     5.    Chinese student uses a creative way to cheat TOEFL.
In 2013, a Chinese student came up with a clever way to breeze through the TOEFL exam—-by writing her cheat sheets on her inner thighs. The candidate wore a dress to keep her notes in easy access. TOEFL monitors eventually caught her and had her leave the premises.

TOEFL is a life-changing exam. Hence, it makes sense that the consequences of cheating it are life-changing as well. So, don’t even think about it. Maximize your preparation period. Prepare with JRooz’s TOEFL Manila review center to secure your grade goals.

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