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Friday, August 31, 2018

Top TOEFL FAQs for the Reading Section

Most students in a review center for TOEFL find the reading section as the most challenging part of the TOEFL test. As a test taker, it is important that you understand the component and essential points about the reading test. To guide you about this TOEFL section, here are the top TOEFL FAQs for the reading exam:

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Top 5 TOEFL Cheating Attempts and Controversies

Achieving your TOEFL grade goals is definitely not the easiest of tasks. You need to invest a lot of time and effort getting to know the test and honing your communicative skills. Enrolling in a TOEFL review center in Manila certainly helps. However, it can’t guarantee test success.

This article delves into the stories of the TOEFL test takers who chose the easy but illegal way to obtain their score goals. Consider their foiled attempts at cheating the exam as a warning. If you’re taking classes at a center TOEFL review center in Manila, you’re instructor probably mentioned some of them.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Test Taker's Guide to the TOEFL Writing Section

As one of the most challenging sections of the TOEFL examination, the writing test requires the exam takers to create and organize written responses on specific topics. For exam takers, enrolling in a review center for TOEFL is essential as it can help boost their communications skills and ace all the sections of the test. Moreover, if you want to reach a high writing score, read this test taker’s guide to the writing section.

TOEFL Writing Section Format

The TOEFL writing section consists of two types of tasks, the integrated writing task and the independent writing task. Moreover, this section takes about 50 minutes, and exam takers can take notes on the first task. To boost your TOEFL review preparation even more, here are the two tasks of the writing section: