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Top 10 TOEFL FAQs for the Writing Section

The writing section is one of the components of the TOEFL test that measures your ability to write an essay in an academic setting. As a student enrolled in a review center for TOEFL, it is important that you understand the components and essential points about the writing section. To guide you about this TOEFL section, here are the ten TOEFL FAQs for the writing test:

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1. How many tasks are there in the TOEFL writing section?
The TOEFL writing section consists of two tasks: Task 1 – Integrated Essay and Task 2 – Independent Essay.

2. How long is the TOEFL writing section?
The total time of the TOEFL writing section is 50 minutes. In the integrated writing task, you will be given 20 minutes (reading time: 3 minutes; listening time: 2 minutes; writing 15 minutes). On the other hand, the independent writing task takes about 30 minutes

3. What is the integrated writing task like?
There are three skills that you need to execute in the integrated writing task. First, you will read a short text (230–300 words) about an academic topic. Next, you will listen to a recording about the short text that you have read with some added information. Then, you need to write a summary (150–225 words, suggested response length) using the information that you obtained from the text and the audio.

4. What is the independent writing task like?
In the independent writing task, you must write an essay that explains and supports your opinion about a specific topic. The suggested response length for this writing task is 30 words. You can practice writing an independent essay in your TOEFL review.

5. What types of essays will be asked on each writing task?
In the TOEFL writing section, the types of essays that you need to prepare for are as follows:

  •       Making an Argument
  •       Stating a Preference
  •       Agreeing or Disagreeing
  •       Giving an Explanation
6. Can I take notes during the writing test?
Yes, you can actually take notes throughout the entire TOEFL test, using the paper provided by the test administrator. Moreover, you can look for various note-taking strategies to boost your TOEFL review.

7. How are the TOEFL writing responses scored?
Your essays will be marked on a scale of 0–5. These are called as raw scores. Then, the average score of the 2 writing tasks is converted to a scaled score of 0 to 30.

8. How to get a high score in the integrated writing task?
To score well on the integrated writing task, you must understand the main points of both the written passage and the audio clip. Then, you need to apply those points when writing your response. Your essay will also need to be well organized, concise and clear.

9. How to get a high score in the independent writing task?
In order to earn a high score in the independent writing task, your essay must have the following points:

  • fully answer the prompt;
  • include specific examples;
  • must be well-organized; and
  • have few or no spelling and grammar errors.
10. Can I request a score review of my writing responses?
Yes. You can request a score review for up to 30 days after your test date. However, you test cannot be reviewed if you have already requested that your scores be sent to an institution or agency abroad.

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