Friday, March 23, 2018

Beyond TOEFL: 5 Things You Should Know About Australia

Planning to move to Australia once you complete your TOEFLreview Philippines course and achieve your TOEFL grade goal? Get to know the land down under before your big move! Here are five things that should know about life in Australia.  

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        1.    The weather conditions vary throughout the continent
Here’s how the weather condition in various regions in Australia:

·         The northern regions have a tropical climate. It’s hot and humid during the summer and dry and warm during the winter.

·         The central regions host a desert climate. Rain is sparse, and it’s normal for the temperature to climb up to 50 °C in these areas.

·         The southern regions experience milder summers and cooler winters compared to the north. Winters are sometimes harsh. Most of the mountain peaks in these areas are covered in snow all year round.

Consider which region you’re going to live in when you pack for your big move.

         2.    Aussies like to abbreviate words
The reason behind this is unclear. Some people think it’s to make conversations more efficient; others say laziness is a huge factor. In any case, Aussies love to shorten and abbreviate words. Australia, for instance, is often shortened to “Straya.” Here are some of the Aussie slang words that you’ll encounter everywhere when you move to Straya.

·         Macca’s – McDo
·         Arvo – afternoon
·         Cuppa – cup of tea
·         Choccy – chocolate
·         Biccy – biscuit
·         Lappy – laptop
·         Defo – definitely
·         Barbie - barbeque

As predictable as some of these slang words are, don’t be tempted to invent some of your own. Expand your Aussie vocabulary. If you’re still taking classes at the TOEFL review center in Cebu, you can ask your instructors for Aussie English pointers. This way, you’ll be able to prepare for your life in Australia as you prepare for the high-stakes exam.

          3.    The employment system is great
There’s a reason why a lot of international workers love Australia. Aussies are the first nation in the world to implement and experience the 40-hour work week. The minimum wage in the land of the plenty is just over PHP 1230 per hour. The rates for weekend work are also high, and worker’s rights are firmly upheld.

         4.    It’s expensive to live in Australia
Living in Australia is not cheap. To survive there for a few months, you need at least AU $5,000 or PHP 204,888. So, have a budget plan ironed out before you move there. Make sure you can easily access your money. To give you a more concrete idea of the cost difference between Australia and the Philippines, here’s how various necessities cost there.

·         Basic lunch menu item with drinks – AU $16 / PHP 655
·         Fast food Combo meals – AU $11 / PHP 450
·         A dozen eggs – AU $5.82 / PHP 239
·         1 kg. of tomatoes – AU $5.29 / PHP 217
·         Internet 8 Mbps for a month – AU $57 / PHP 2335
·         Doctor consultation – AU $68 / PHP 2786
·         Monthly rent for 900 square feet accommodation – AU $2,201/ PHP 90191

Pro tip: Study up on Australian currency and living costs while you attend your classes at TOEFLreview Philippines. Then, whenever you go shopping, try to convert the figures you see into their Australian dollar equivalent. 

          5.    Tipping is not expected
Unlike in the UK, US, and Canada where customers are expected to tip at least 15% of the total cost, Aussies seldom tip. The service charge is always included in the bill. This is also partly because the minimum wage in Australia is high. So, don’t worry about tipping your waiter too much or too little.

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