Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tips Before Taking the TOEFL Exam

How do you prepare for an important exam like the TOEFL? Others would join study groups or avail of review programs online. Some would snack on “brain foods” while studying to enhance memory retention. How about you?

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The widely administered format of the TOEFL exam is the Internet-based or iBT test. It aims to assess a test taker’s ability to utilize the English language in a university level and to combine the four macroskills (i.e., listening, reading, speaking and writing) in accomplishing academic-related tasks. Test takers who plan to study in an English-speaking country like the U.S. may take the TOEFL iBT test.

Here are some tips that you can do before taking the TOEFL exam:

1.    Enroll in a TOEFL review center. Regardless whether you are intermediate or advanced in terms of language proficiency, it is still recommended that you enroll in TOEFL review centers. These tutoring facilities can provide you not only an overview but also an in-depth discussion of the actual exam. Moreover, instructors engage students in practical tests and mock exams to assess their English language skills. They also give feedback to help students improve their weak spots.

Meanwhile, a TOEFL review center in Manila offers one-on-one coaching. It is suitable for students who would like to take advantage of a focused discussion and evaluation since they have the instructor’s full attention.

2.    Rest well a day before the exam. Free your mind from anxiety. Go to the spa and avail a full body massage. Make sure that you have enough sleep so you will not feel sleepy, or endure a headache, while taking the TOEFL exam.

3.    Take a warm bath. Warm bath has numerous benefits. It can help improve blood circulation, soothes stiff muscles and eases tension, to name a few. Take a warm bath a night before the exam for a good night’s sleep.

4.    Eat a good breakfast. Avoid skipping breakfast on the day of your exam. According to BBC, students who eat breakfast perform better during exams. It will not hurt to take a bite or two. Besides, you do not want your stomach churning while taking the exam as it can add to the tension you are already experiencing.

5.    Let it go. Have you ever heard of “que sera sera”? It means “what will be, will be.” You have done necessary preparations to improve your language abilities, and now, you are ready to face a life-changing challenge. Stop worrying about it. Being anxious during the exam can make you lose focus.
Just like any other “big” exams you have gone through, it is okay to feel a bout of jitters. After all, the results of the TOEFL exam can change your life in a substantial way. For instance, admission to a university is one-step closer to having an awesome professional career after a year or two. Thus, it is perfectly fine to go the extra mile to get good scores.

Furthermore, do not limit yourself with the tips presented above. It is your call whether to enroll in a TOEFL review center in Manila or study on your own. You can visit the official webpage of Educational Testing Service for exam overview and exercises.

Remember that aside from taking necessary steps to prepare for the TOEFL exam, you also need to prepare emotionally, mentally and physically.


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