Tuesday, August 8, 2017

How to Unwind after the TOEFL Exam

Preparing for the exam can exhaust you, travelling all the way to a TOEFL review center in Manila and braving the heavy traffic. Many nights were spent studying instead of watching movies with friends or eating some midnight snack. Then again, do not feel bad about it, for the time you spent reviewing for the TOEFL did not go to waste—it is for the bright future ahead.

toefl exam

After the exam, it feels like a big lump is removed from your chest. Here are some tips on how you can unwind after the TOEFL exam:

1.    Stop overthinking. Once it is over, it is over. Stop worrying about it. You did your best and prepared well for the exam.

2.    Treat yourself. Do something you enjoy or something that relaxes you. Think of the things that you badly want to do but opted to postpone because you have to study. Go to the salon, shop, eat in a buffet, etc.

3.    Catch up with friends. Think of the many instances you said “no” because you cannot stay up late or drink with friends because you have an early TOEFL review the next day. After the exam, call your friends for some catch-up. It can be relaxing to share with friends what you have been through.

4.    Get some sleep. Allow your body to rest and recharge. Though you are not sleep deprived, you will notice how restless you are. It is probably due to stress and anxiety. After the exam, take a warm bath and go to bed.

5.    Go out of town. Go to the beach or engage in some outdoor activity. A breath of fresh air can relieve the stress that you have experienced during the days you spent studying in a TOEFL review center or on your own for the exam. It can also take your mind off the results.
 Everybody deserves a good time after a stressful day. Aside from the abovementioned tips, you can read a book you have been wanting to browse but do not have the luxury of doing so; binge watch the new Netflix series that everyone is talking about; or go buy that dress or jeans you have been lusting for months but would rather save the money for TOEFL review expenses.

Be kind to yourself. You have worked so hard for something that can pave the way for life-changing opportunities.


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