Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Student Hacks: Five Effective Eating Strategies during Review

Do not underestimate the TOEFL exam.

In various English-speaking countries, the language assessment is a requirement for overseas employment, international studies and even permanent migration.   Taking the TOEFL examination can open a lot of opportunities abroad for you depending on your test results. Thus, it is crucial that you maximize your preparation period.

toefl review

Enrolling in a TOEFL review center can boost your chances of getting excellent results. Instructors in these training facilities, like the TOEFL review center in Makati, can help you adjust to the demands of the exam.

However, it goes without saying that preparing for a high-stakes international exam is a mentally tiring challenge. Absorbing information for extended hours without breaks can lead to cognitive incompetency and memory lapses. 

Complement your study time with these five eating strategies to keep your mind at its best state and maintain your mental alertness.

1.    Keep yourself hydrated. Drinking water can enhance your cognitive performance. In various studies worldwide, volunteers who drank water before and during mental activities performed better compared to those who did not. Individuals who were thirsty when they participated exhibited reduced concentration and memory retention.

Moreover, if the need arises, drinking water can stave off hunger.

2.    Regulate your caffeine intake.  While it is highly tempting to load up on coffee and other mind-stimulating beverages, make sure that you regulate your caffeine binges.  Excessive caffeine intake can damage your physical and mental health. Its negative effects include:

•    Dehydration
•    Digestive issues (gastrointestinal issues and stomach ulcers)
•    Physiological restlessness (muscle spasms and uneasiness)
•    Cardiovascular issues (high blood pressure, elevated heartbeat, diuresis, heart palpitations, heartburn and cardiac arrest)
•    Cognitive and psychological issues (anxiety, insomnia, incoherence of thought and speech processes, headache, insomnia and hallucinations)

In extreme cases, caffeine addiction can lead to intoxication, seizures and even death.

3.    Stock up on brain-empowering food. Do not depend on energy-boosting snacks when reviewing. While eating biscuits and other easy-to-eat foods are convenient, they cannot provide the nutrients that your body and mind need to function properly. Cooking and storing large batches of hearty and healthy food is advisable. 

4.    Do not hoard foods in your study area. When it comes to reviewing, storing the food within your reach may not be the best idea. Leave your study nook when you grab a bite. Allowing yourself a change of scenery can refresh your mind. You can also use the short travel time from your review corner to your kitchen to do some stretching.

5.    Stop snacking on unhealthy foods.  Avoid sugary treats, junk foods and fast foods. Not only do they lack nutritional value, but they also have adverse effects on your cognitive faculties. Many studies confirmed that consuming these foods could reduce your concentration, learning capacity, memory retention, logical thinking and decision-making skills.

While attending an excellent TOEFL review center—such as the TOEFL review center in Makati—can help you maximize your preparation period, complementing your training efforts with these eating strategies will definitely elevate your chances of acquiring your score goal.

The wise application of these techniques will not only keep your mental faculties in excellent condition but will also provide long-term benefits for your body.

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