Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Tips for the TOEFL iBT Reading Test

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) have two types: the Internet-based exam (iBT) and paper-based exam (PBT). The reading subtest for the iBT exam and the PBT exam varies. In the iBT exam, passages are lifted from academic sources. Whereas in the PBT exam, examinees are required to read non-academic materials. Keep in mind that the PBT test is only administered to countries where the Internet is inaccessible, but in general, candidates take the iBT exam.

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It is not easy to read academic materials, considering the jargons that you have to process. Then again, this should not stop you from accomplishing the TOEFL iBT Reading exam. There are various ways that you can do prepare for what seems to be one of the biggest challenges of your life. You may consider joining TOEFL review centers or doing the tips listed below:

1.)    Engage in Critical Reading – Critical reading is different from plain reading. It refers to the careful examination of the points and supporting details presented in a text. Honing your critical reading skills can increase your chances of getting a high score in the TOEFL iBT Reading exam. 

2.)     Be familiar With Jargons – Since you are required to read passages from academic sources, jargons are inevitable. Try picking up a newspaper and read the business section. Doing so exposes you to terms like inflation and deflation. You can also read about social issues and encounter technical terms pertaining to gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity and others. Look up these terms in the dictionary; try to use them in a sentence as a practice exercise.  

3.)    Reading Sscholarly Works – Read academic journals or essays one at a time. Assess how well you understood the topics they presented. Doing so gives you an idea of what you will most likely encounter during the exam. Instructors of TOEFL review centers usually provide students with reading materials and practice tests to help improve their reading comprehension.

You are given 60 to 80 minutes to finish the reading exam. After reading the passages, you will be asked to answer 36–56 questions. Thus, you have to fully understand what you have read. The tips presented above can help you improve your comprehension of difficult topics. Moreover, you can consider joining TOEFL review centers as their competent instructors can provide you with a walkthrough not only of the Reading exam but also of the other subtests.(There are numerous TOEFL review centers in Manila, Makati, Baguio, Cebu and Davao.)  


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