Saturday, November 12, 2016

What is Your TOEFL Percentile?

Aiming a score of 120 for your TOEFL test? What does getting a perfect score in the TOEFL tally mean?

The Test of English as a Foreign Language is one of the most popular English proficiency examinations in the world today. With over 130 countries that recognize the TOEFL, non-native English speakers from all around the globe challenge the TOEFL as they apply for work or education programs in different institutions and universities overseas

When taking the TOEFL, you will be scored from 0 – 120. Candidates are concerned in getting their score requirements, but they really do not know what these numbers mean. When we talk about how your score defines you, this is where TOEFL score percentile comes in.

What is this score percentile?

The score percentile tells you how better your performance is in the test compared to everyone. Below is a chart to find out your percentile rank.

For example, you scored 100 in the exam. This puts you in the 81st percentile which means you scored higher than 80% of all the test takers.
Is knowing your percentile rank important?

There is not much importance emphasized in knowing one’s percentile rank. Candidates for the TOEFL examination are more concerned with their TOEFL score. TOEFL score is the one required for applications.

How can one prepare to get a good score in the TOEFL?

Getting a good score in the TOEFL is not possible. Candidates can even get a score more than what they expected. Here are a few good tips to practice during your TOEFL review.

1.    Understand the content of the TOEFL examination. The exam uses academic English. Examinees are expected to answer questions in all the tasks about different fields of study such as history, science, and arts. There is no need to worry about having prior knowledge to the topics since all the answers in the exam is found in the passages given.

2.    Have a good background in grammar. Speaking and writing tasks evaluate not only the individual’s knowledge and comprehension but also one’s English grammar skills. Having good grammar skills enables the candidate to create grammatically correct and logical responses for the test.

3.    Do practice tests. There are quite a number of exercises online where one can take advantage of. These exercises are good practices to be familiar with the flow of the examination. Better yet, one can enroll in different TOEFL review centers to have a systematized plan of review. TOEFL review in training centers offer mock exams that simulate the real TOEFL examination.

TOEFL review is important when taking the TOEFL. It prepares the individual to the challenging TOEFL test and hones his or her skills in the English language.


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