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How to Structure Your Essay the TOEFL way

Let us admit the fact that not everyone is inclined to writing a good essay. Since writing is not a hobby enjoyed by many, essay writing can be a huge challenge to individuals taking the TOEFL examination. As an English proficiency examination, a writing test cannot be avoided. It is your task, as a non-native English speaker, to show how well you can express your ideas in a written text. Hence, TOEFL training for the writing is critical for your success in the examination.

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When writing an essay, it is important to remember the three important parts of your essay. These parts are the first step in organizing the structure of your written response. These parts are the introduction, body, and conclusion.

The introduction welcomes your reader to your writing. In this part, the reader is expected to read what your essay is all about. The main thesis of the essay is clearly stated together with the boundaries of your response. In the integrated writing, it is expected for the test candidate to write what the main ideas are in both reading and listening and how these ideas support or oppose each other. For the independent writing, a background story can be read in the introduction. This will give the reader the chance to understand the background of the main thesis.

Content of the essay is found in the body. Usually, there are two to three paragraphs to complete the body. Each paragraph contains a topic sentence which is your point to be discussed. A single body should elaborate one idea. Other ideas should be written in different paragraphs to avoid any confusion with the flow of ideas in the essay.

Ideas are further elaborated by providing details and examples. In the independent writing, test candidates should bear in mind to explain in detail what their ideas are by providing examples. A personal experience as an example can be good support to your idea.

Points expressed in body paragraphs should always directly support the limitation of your main thesis. Any irrelevant ideas should be eliminated as these can break the coherence of the content.

Only three to four sentences are ideal in the conclusion. Most of the time, this is a restatement of what your main thesis is or your introduction. Summarize your ideas in the conclusion. Do not attempt to discuss any ideas further as this becomes another body paragraph of your essay. Conclusions are meant to bring the essay to an end.

Some tips to have a good structured essay:

•    Create an outline prior to writing. Outline will serve as your guide to which ideas should be placed first or the last. Also, this is where you can eliminate ideas that are irrelevant to the idea of the essay.  With an outline, the problem of going off the topic is also avoided.

•    Use cohesive devices. Transition words guide your reader to your essay. They prepare your reader whether you are adding a support to a previously stated idea or opposing it with another stronger idea.

•    Revise your essay prior to submitting. In TOEFL training, test candidates are taught how to revise their work by checking the grammar, spelling, and even punctuations used in the essay. These are crucial not only to your structure but also to the content.

Writing becomes easier when you know what to write. Organization and a structured essay makes a good writing, so start practicing today and incorporate these simple yet useful tips in your TOEFL training.

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