Friday, September 30, 2016

TOEFL Exam Procedure: An Overview

Are you planning to take the TOEFL examination?

More and more people are taking the TOEFL as a requirement to visa applications. Being recognized in a lot of universities and institutions in the world, the TOEFL test has gained its popularity to many non-native English speakers. If you are planning to take the exam, here is an overview on the TOEFL exam’s procedure.

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•    Prior to taking the examination, the candidate has to register for the examination. It is best to register a couple of months before the desired test date. The candidate has to make a TOEFL account at The candidate will need a valid identification when creating an account. A passport, driver’s license or national ID is accepted. Fill out the information. When you book for an exam, the candidate will be given options on the test dates and test centers available in the area. Choose a test center that is conveniently located near your area.

•    Once the candidate is booked for an examination, a confirmation letter will be sent to one’s email. The candidate has to print this email and bring on the day of the examination.

•    On the day of the examination, be at the testing center an hour before your scheduled examination. It is important to arrive early as you need to complete a confidentiality statement in the test center.

•    A few minutes before the examination, a briefing will be given. The TOEFL test administrator will explain some rules while taking the examination.

•    Computer check-in follows the briefing. At this point, the candidate has to present his identification to the test administrator, the candidate’s picture will be taken, and the computer will assign a work station for the candidate.

•    Once you are inside the workstation, the test center administrator will have to do check your pockets for any electronic devices. No electronic device is allowed inside the work station. Only the candidate’s identification is needed inside the work station. Pencils and paper are provided by the test center.

•    The exam is divided into two different parts. The first part is the reading and the listening sections. After the first part, there will be a ten-minute mandatory break. The candidate can go out of the work station and take a break. However, the candidate is not allowed to use any electronic devices.

•    After the break, the administrator has to key in the password in the computer before the second part of the exam begins.

•    When the candidate finishes the exam, he or she can leave the work station.

•    In any case that the candidate needs extra paper or a pencil breaks, he or she can notify the test administrator immediately.

Other TOEFL exam reminders:

•    Wear something comfortable on the day of the examination. There are test centers that are quite cold, so bring a jacket or a cardigan.

•    Eat something before the examination. Most candidates feel uneasy during the examination when they are hungry. Remember that food is not allowed inside the work station. Bring a candy or chocolate for some energy.

•    Review prior taking the examination. Getting a good review prepares one in answering correctly on all the questions in the examination.

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