Thursday, September 8, 2016

Let your smartphone help you study for the TOEFL

In this age where technology has made life convenience, smartphones have always been a part of our daily lives. The text and call usage of phones has been made better with the different mobile apps that made user experience very astonishing.

Smartphones have become a necessity for both students and working professionals. With the varied apps, communication and organization of one’s schedule has been pretty easier to manage. Further, smartphones are surprisingly helpful too to candidates of the TOEFL examination. Reviewing for the test has become a simple tap within their smartphones.

TOEFL Review Center

For both iOS and Android users, there are several good features in your smartphones that you can use in reviewing for the TOEFL examination. Here are some great tips how:

 •    Practice your pronunciation for the TOEFL test.

There are several pronunciation apps available in both iOS and Android formats. These apps specialize in teaching users on how to properly pronounce words in both American and British accents. This is a very useful tool for those candidates who have difficulty in enunciating words to be clear enough in their responses. Also, one’s fluency in the language can be practiced with the drills that are included in these pronunciation apps.

•    Train for the TOEFL anytime and anywhere.

Stuck in traffic? Open up your TOEFL review app and use the time learning for the examination. Different TOEFL review apps are available for free for you to download. Practice reading TOEFL academic passages and answer a test while waiting in traffic. If you are on a break from work, listen to a conversation practice in the pantry. The convenience of reviewing for the TOEFL examination has been made possible with your smartphones.

•    Learn vocabulary through the dictionary

Vocabulary is an important part in learning TOEFL. The test evaluates your knowledge in academic English so expect some difficult vocabulary in the test. To find solution to this problem, you could always learn new words in a dictionary. Some dictionary apps feature a word for the day. Write this word down and be familiar with its meaning. The more words you learn, the better chances you get in creating a good response in both the speaking and writing tests.

•    Use the recorder to listen to your voice

In the speaking, it is best to listen to your responses. You can use the recorder in your smartphones. Record your sample response. Listen to it and look for weak points in your response. Weak points can include the content, mispronounced words, wrong stress, and pauses in your response. Record another response until you feel satisfied with your performance. Remember that the best part of committing mistakes is the lesson it brings that results to change.

The age of smartphones is upon us, and the best thing to do about this is to take advantage of its benefits. Reviewing for the TOEFL has made possible with the different apps and programs installed in our phones. Using these apps help you prepare for the TOEFL test anytime and anywhere. However, make use of this technology as a supplementary practice for you. The best preparation for the exam is still being in a TOEFL review package that train you to have the best skills for the test.


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