Thursday, May 19, 2016

Learning English Quickly for the TOEFL

Non-native English speakers find learning English as a great deal of challenge. Perhaps with the rules one has to be familiar with, learning the English language may take some time and may need a little more effort. For people who are preparing for the TOEFL test alone or with a TOEFL center, they have learned different strategies to quickly learn English.

1. Listen to lots of English pieces

Gone are the days were studying should be by the books. These days, people use media in learning the English language. One of these is through listening to different English resources. For example, you can learn new words from songs. Also, there are millions of audio podcasts that can help you with your vocabulary and listening skills. Remember that once you have built a good vocabulary bank, your speaking and writing get better too as you have a smorgasbord of words to choose from to express your ideas. A TOEFL center offers a wide range of listening activities that can build one’s weakness into a strength. 

2. Find a speaking partner

Do you find it awkward to speak English? Most people do, and this thinking hinders them from being good English speakers. To speak English well, one must always find opportunities to speak English. Having a speaking partner is a good idea. Have a friend of whom you can talk to in English freely. By practicing with a speaking partner, you are not only developing your English speaking skills but also your confidence in using the language. As a matter of fact, most non-native English speakers are good with English; the problem is that they are not confident that they can do it right. With a speaking partner, you can get comment and feedback on how you can improve the manner and even the content of your speaking. TOEFL test candidates have their TOEFL speaking coaches to help them with this.

3. Drown yourself with reading
Reading is a boring activity unless you choose a material which is not of your interest. Choose genres that suit your mood. Comic books, magazines, or even children’s books are good materials to start with. The idea of loving the activity of reading should be done in an entertaining way. 

4. Use the Internet

There are millions of videos online on tutorials on how to learn the English language. In Youtube, there are conversation teachers who give out tips and techniques on how to be good English speakers. Their videos are very informative, and the content is very useful for improving your English skills. They even provide other tips in making the learning of the English language interesting and fun. 

5. Have a mindset that English is not difficult

If you always think that English is something you cannot ever learn, then you will never learn the language. In a TOEFL center, all students are reminded that English is easy and that learning more about it makes it even much easier. It should start within yourself. You have to trust and believe in what you are capable of – learning English quickly and easily. 

Learning English is a piece of cake. Do not be afraid of it. Embrace it and you will see the great things you can do when you become a good English speaker. 

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