Friday, March 11, 2016

Why take TOEFL?

Individuals taking the TOEFL examination face a great challenge ahead of them. The number of non-native English speakers taking the TOEFL examination continues to increase every year. Test candidates are urged to take all the necessary preparations before taking the test. Most candidates of the TOEFL need its certification for certain applications overseas. However, do all individuals take the TOEFL for this sole purpose? Why do people take the TOEFL test?

The TOEFL test is not an English proficiency examination that candidates should be complacent with. It tests the ability of an individual to understand and use the English language in an academic environment. Having a mediocre level of English will not result to a good score in the TOEFL. Hence, test candidates invest in TOEFL review programs that can help them achieve a level of English at par with TOEFL.

Different people take the TOEFL exam. Each has his own purpose of doing so. Here are some reasons why these individuals need the TOEFL test.

  • Requirement for student’s to enroll in a course program overseas
    One of the best parts in a student’s life is to experience education overseas. However, some universities and academic institutions require a TOEFL certificate before they can admit you to their course programs. Taking the TOEFL means proving your ability to use the English language in understanding lessons and discussions in class. This will assure your productivity in class.

  • Licensure examination overseas
    There are some professions that would require a TOEFL score as a requisite to a licensure examination. This proves that the candidate can use and understand English at work. There is high importance emphasized to these professions to speak English very well as they will be facing clients who use English as their first language. An example of this profession is physical therapists. There is a need for these professionals to take the TOEFL and reach a required score for them to process their application for their licensure exam in the United States. 

  • Immigration purposes
    Imagine living in a country where English is the only medium of instruction. It could be a great challenge to an individual whose English speaking is below average to survive in such environment. How will he or she be able to do daily activities where communication is needed such as grocery shopping, bills payment, or even conversation with neighbors? With this in mind, immigration offices require a TOEFL certification as a proof of one’s expertise in the English language.

  • Self-assessment There are people who take the TOEFL out of curiosity in their English skill level. Though these people do not need the TOEFL certification in any of the points mentioned earlier, they could still possible use the certificate in the future as it expires after two years. If you want to assess yourself on how well you can use English, the TOEFL test is perfect for you.
There are a number of reasons why an individual takes the TOEFL test. No matter what your reason is, a good TOEFL review is needed to ace the test. It is not a simple English comprehension exam, so candidates better be ready for this examination.

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