Tuesday, June 17, 2014

TOEFL Speaking Topics and Tips

Are you confident with your speaking skills? Can you speak English fluently?

Many Filipinos include the English language in their daily conversations. It is not new to Filipinos to incorporate English vocabulary to their conversations. As a matter of fact, English is a very common language to use in schools and in the workplace. Almost everybody knows how to use the mentioned language. However, when it comes to taking an English proficiency examination like the TOEFL or the Test of English as a Foreign Language, being able to speak the English language is not enough. One must know the right skills and techniques in the exam, and most especially the topics the speaking test covers.

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The TOEFL speaking examination is composed of six different tasks. Each task is specially designed to accurately gauge a person’s ability to use the English language in speaking. There are two parts of the speaking examination. The independent speaking requires the candidate to make a response based on his or her own opinion. On the other hand, the integrated speaking asks the candidate to make a response based on a lecture or reading he or she has just listened to and read accordingly.

There are many topics covered in the speaking test. Here are some questions on the independent tasks.

· Talk about an event from the past that you would like to relive. Describe the original event and say why you would like to relive it.

· Talk about your country’s national anthem or flag. Where is it used and where can it be found today? Include details and examples to support your response.

· Some people say that when a child moves to a new country, he should only be taught in the native language of his new country. Others think that it is better to teach in a bilingual method to help the children adjust. Which is better?

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The third task covers any topic that includes an announcement in a university and a student’s reaction about it. Tasks 4 to 6 include school subjects’ topics like science, music, psychology, economics, history and even art.

To score well on the speaking test, here are some things applicants can follow:

· Have a good command in vocabulary. Better words, better way of expressing your ideas.

· Read a lot. Read a loud and practice your pronunciation.

· Record your voice in speaking. Listen and try to find your weak points in speaking.

· Find a speaking partner. This should be someone who is good at English.

· Speak with confidence. Most people are scared in speaking because of the fear of committing a mistake. Learn from these mistakes.

· Practice on some topics like your favourite place, hobby or movie.

· Talk slowly and clearly. Practice opening your mouth big enough for words to come out clearly.

· Watch English movies and observe how they pronounce common words in English.

· Talk to friends in English. This could be awkward at first but it is indeed a good exercise.

· Enroll in a TOEFL review class. Speaking coaches not only improve your skill in speaking but also your confidence in using the language.

The TOEFL Speaking test is easy as long as you have the right preparation and the confidence that you will definitely hit your target speaking score.


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