Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Factors That Will Determine Your Scores in the TOEFL-iBT

Taking English proficiency examinations prove how well the candidate can use and understand the English language. These English proficiency exams will determine one’s expertise in the said language through different factors using different tasks in the examination. In the TOEFL or the Test of English as a Foreign Language, a variety of tasks are prepared that will surely bring out the expertise of a candidate in the English language.

Being a computer-based examination, candidates only need a computer and an Internet connection to complete the examination. In addition, the exam runs for about four and a half hours; however, the candidate can finish earlier depending on how fast he or she can finish his or her writing tasks. TOEFL test takers can get a perfect score of 120 with each section – reading, listening, speaking and writing – given a perfect score of 30.

Each section of the TOEFL follows a certain criteria that will determine the test takers score.

The reading section of the TOEFL evaluates how one can understand academic passages written in English. One important point that one needs to develop is to understand an academic reading content. The purpose of this task is to assess one's basic comprehension, the skill in finding information in a text, and the skill in reading to learn.

In the listening section, test takers are expected to showcase their skill in taking down notes. Note taking is one skill that will come in very handy during this part. Candidates are expected to write down main ideas in lectures and important details in a typical conversation. It is expected from the candidate to be able to get all the details in a recording in order to find the right answers in the choices. This means that the score on both reading and listening is dependent on how well the candidate understood the passages given.

For the speaking section, the test taker is evaluated with different criteria. First of all, general overview of the response should be considered by the candidate. Here, the response is scored on how well the response is given in terms of its content and how it directly answered the task. In addition, raters also look at the manner on how the response is delivered – its clarity. Next, language is rated – the usage of grammar and vocabulary.

Finally, in the writing section, certain criteria are also considered. The content tells us how relevant the response is to the task. Organization brings us the coherence and the flow of the essay – how the ideas are organized in a manner which is easy for the reader to understand. Language covers the proper grammar and vocabulary in the essay.

Once the test taker understands these factors in scoring the TOEFL, he or she will develop the need to address these to be able to get a good score for the TOEFL test.


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