Tuesday, April 15, 2014

TOEFL Review Tips for the Speaking Exam

One of the very popular English skill tests in the country today is the TOEFL or the Test of English as a Foreign Language. When we say English test, people will think of the usual reading comprehension with multiple choice options as its question type. Though the TOEFL has multiple-choice type of question, it is not a test that Filipinos should not take so easy. 

The TOEFL examination uses an academic setting in its question. When we say academic setting, it means that most questions are derived from subjects in the academe like architecture, science and technology, sociology, music and the arts, psychology and history to name a few. Familiarity with these subjects in school is a great advantage. Hence, people who take the TOEFL review on common topics of the mentioned subjects earlier. 

Compared to other speaker sections of an English language test, the TOEFL speaking questions are recorded. No native English speaker is around to cause intimidation and anxiety. All the candidate needs to do is to read the task flashed on the screen and follow the indicated instructions. For Filipinos, it is typical to for some that they target a score of 26 in their application. However, some are not successful in getting this score. Here are some review tips that can help any Filipino get a score of 26 and even better in the TOEFL speaking examination. 

1. Independent Tasks

  • Give at least two points to support your idea in the question. Think of points that you can easily explain and find reasons to back them up. 
  • In making your responses stronger, provide examples. Examples can be something you have experienced or something that you can just make up in your mind. It does not have to be real; however, make sure that what you are making up is possible to happen. 
  • State your ideas clearly. Do not be too specific or too broad with your main idea. 

2. Integrated Tasks

  • Take note on the reading’s main idea and supporting reasons. Do the same in the lecture. These things are important elements in your response. 
  • When you write your notes, have them in phrases or words. Writing the exact sentence can take up so much time. 
  • Do not ever include your opinion in your response. The integrated tasks evaluate how well one can integrate ideas in a reading and a lecture. Having your own opinion can cause low score. 

3. General Tips
  • Use your preparation time wisely. 
  • Speak on the microphone clearly. Do not try to speak fast because of the time limit. Speak with ease and comfort. 
  • Use a variety of vocabulary. Do not repeat the same word thrice. Think of other ways in expressing your idea by using idioms or word expressions.
  • Keep calm and focus. 
The speaking test should not be stressful but an enjoyable part of the test. These tips are effective and proven helpful in getting a good score in the TOEFL speaking test.


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