Thursday, February 27, 2014

TOEFL Test Centers and Training Courses in the Philippines

Thinking of registering for an English proficiency examination? Why don’t you take the TOEFL or the Test of English as a Foreign Language?

The TOEFL test has been of the most taken English proficiency examinations in the country today. Both working professionals and students choose the TOEFL as it is accepted in most universities and companies all over the world. There are a lot of TOEFL Test Centers in the country today. These test centers are authorized by ETS or Educational Testing Service. Here are some known TOEFL test centers in cities here in the Philippines. Check the lists online once you register in

Angeles City: American English Learning Center

Bacolod City: Star of Asia

Baguio City: EPro Training Center

Cebu City: Cebu International Stc.

Davao City: Seattle Language Center, inc.

Makati City: Hopkins International Partners, Inc.

Pasig City: Wawatell Inc., Pauldream Language Center, I Can Language Center, Inc. The Forum Institute for International Studies

Laguna: International Review and Integrated Studies Inc.

Most candidates take TOEFL training courses in different review centers. Are these training courses effective?

Training courses are important in preparing for the TOEFL examination. First of all, training courses have scheduled classes that is planned and organized. Coaches in TOEFL review centers make sure that they will not proceed to the next lesson unless everyone understands the discussion. Compare it with studying alone, you bury yourself studying the books without proper explanation on the topics. Unlike in TOEFL review centers, mentors are there to teach strategies and make studying fun and interesting.

Additionally, TOEFL review classes not only teach the concepts of the test but also the techniques in answering questions. Candidates will be taught on how to answer certain type of questions, make appropriate responses in speaking exercises and write effective essays.

Furthermore, in TOEFL review classes, students are given the opportunity to take mock exams. Mock exams are like simulation tests. Mock tests also serve as a student’s evaluation on what he or she has learned for the week. Taking mock exams gives the student or the candidate the opportunity to know how the TOEFL test looks like.

Because of the increasing number of training courses offered in the country, it is best to compare these before deciding on one. Compare prices, the quality of teachers and the program they are offering. Make sure that it fits your needs and is reasonable for the price you are paying.


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