Friday, February 21, 2014

Tips for Excelling in the TOEFL Essay

Essay writing challenges an individual’s ability to develop his or her ideas in written text. Some find this task difficult as grammar and vocabulary is involved while some find this simple as it is easy for them to put their ideas into words. Whether you find writing easy or not, creating an essay for an English proficiency examination test like the TOEFL or the Test of English as a Foreign Language needs skills and strategies to get a good perfect score of 30. Here are some tips to have your essays perfect and worth reading.

1. Make sure that you have all the parts of the essay.

A good essay has an appealing introduction to its readers. Write something that will catch their attention. Provide a strong body by citing examples and details that will hold your readers’ interest. Close your essay with a conclusion leaving a suggestion, a comment or something to ponder on for the readers.

2. Effective use of transitional words

Transition words are guides of the reader in your essay. This will signal them that you are adding an idea or showing a different viewpoint. Effective use of such will make your essay intelligent.

3. Be sure to understand the question.

The effectiveness of your essay relies on how much you understand the task given to you. Make sure that you have a full understanding of the question. Remember that there are different task types in the independent writing. Do what the tasks ask you to do.

4. Be straightforward.

The content is much more important that showing off your creative writing skills. Express your ideas in simple yet strongly constructed sentences. The writing is a showcase of your understanding not of your creative skills.

5. Always begin with a sentence with a clear subject.

Avoid starting a sentence with AND or BUT. Use transition words like “additionally” or “however” instead or better yet connect the sentences you are making.

6. Clear topic sentences

Topic sentences should not be too broad or too specific. It has got to be something that you can still explain further by providing good details and examples in your body.

7. Learn to play with words

Do not repeat the same words in a sentence. Learn its synonyms or use expressions that have similar meanings to it. Show off your vocabulary skills well.

8. Punctuation matters

Do not forget to check your usage in punctuation marks. Review on the usages of commas, colons, semi-colons, periods and the like.

9. Grammar

As much as possible, use the active voice of the verbs in your writing. In addition, double check on the tenses of the verbs you are using. Be consistent.

10. Practice

Practice writing essays and have someone check it. It is best to have training in TOEFL review centers for coaches provide feedbacks and comments on things you should avoid and you should develop.

Essay writing is not difficult when you have a clear understanding of the task and a detailed outline for your answer. TOEFL Writing is easy so start practicing your writing skills today.


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