Tuesday, October 29, 2013

TOEFL Review in Manila: How to Take the Exam in Manila, Philippines

Manila – the Philippine’s capital city. Manila is a home to experienced professionals and students studying in prestigious universities abroad. Though the capital city has the greatest opportunities with regards to careers and academics, people still find ways in looking for opportunities outside the country. This brings professionals and students to plan to make a move for their career and education. As for most people know, working and studying abroad require certain prerequisites that they have to meet in order to continue their applications. Whether it is a job or for school, a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language exam) is a needed and important requirement. 

For candidates in Manila, the registration for the TOEFL examination is done online. To start with, you have to go to http://www.ets.org/toefl and click on My TOEFL iBT account. For new users, you have to click on sign up where you need to create a profile. Make sure that you correctly write your name, personal information, and email address on your profile. After creating your profile, you will have to register on an examination date and pay for the examination. You have to remember that payment on the TOEFL is done online so you need to have an access to a credit card. Once you are already registered to an exam, a confirmation sheet of your payment will be emailed to you. This confirmation sheet should be printed and be brought on the day of the exam. 

For those candidates who do not have a credit card for their payments, TOEFL review centers are the answer. Not only do TOEFL review centers provide training to their candidates but also help upon registration. TOEFL review centers assist their candidates by doing the payment methods through the company’s credit card. Indeed, TOEFL review centers are of big help to candidates making it one of the reasons why candidates for the TOEFL examination choose to be enrolled in a review center.
For test schedules in Manila, the following dates are available:

Oct 27, 2013, Nov 09, 2013, Nov 17, 2013, Nov 23, 2013, Nov 24, 2013, Dec 07, 2013, Dec 15, 2013,
Dec 21, 2013, Jan 12, 2014, Jan 18, 2014

Be sure to check on these dates for the slots can easily be full as many people register for the said examination. 

TOEFL is a very popular test that a lot of individuals prepare seriously to get their target scores. Be prepared for the examination. Good luck on your TOEFL.

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