Thursday, October 3, 2013

TOEFL Reading Techniques for the TOEFL iBT in the Philippines

Lengthy and boring – these are two words that would describe best the task candidates for the Test of English as a Foreign Language should undergo. The TOEFL test is one of the English competency examinations that millions of individuals take around the globe. Reading has been part of the TOEFL exam as it is one of the most important skills one should possess in an environment most especially in an academic environment. The reading examination is composed of different passages from very varied subject matters like philosophy, science and technology, history, psychology, music and other academic subject areas.

With this level of difficulty, a lot of people choose to be in a TOEFL review center where they can be taught and be coached on the different strategies and techniques that they should possess in order to ace the reading examination. Coaches and teachers in TOEFL review centers are very experienced in turning the lengthy and boring passages into something interesting for candidates to seriously read the passages. For starters, let us have some reading techniques you can apply to be better at the reading section of the TOEFL.

•    Read as much as possible.

The love for reading should start before taking any TOEFL reviews. What is the advantage of this? If one loves reading, then there will not be any problem for this person to read long passages. A person’s interest in reading should be triggered for the focus on reading to be attained. Read different materials and most of these should be something academic. Read newspapers, science journals, history books and even magazines like Time. Being exposed to many reading sources spark the interest and love for reading.

•    Better  vocabulary

Together with reading, you will come across new words that will be very helpful for you in the future. Have a notebook beside you and write down words that are new to your vocabulary. Find its definition and write your own sentence using that word. Review on these words every day until you get surprised that these words will be very familiar with you. You can also group the words according to their field – humanities or sciences.

•    Outlining

You have your reading material with you from a newspaper. You understand the whole passage. That’s good. Now, try to make an outline of what the article is all about. Determine the main idea, supporting sentences, and concepts presented on the article. Finally, write a brief summary of the article. When you are used to doing this, you will not find any trouble understanding long passages for the TOEFL reading test.

When you are accustomed to these techniques, reading and answering questions related to the passage will be a breeze. Start doing this and develop more of these skills in TOEFL review centers.


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