Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Where to Take TOEFL Exam in Cebu and How Much Does it Costs?

The popularity of the TOEFL or the Test of English as a Foreign Language has been increasing over the years as more and more professionals and students are encouraged and required to acquire a certification of their English fluency. Best of all, the TOEFL test has maintained its reputation to be one of the leading English proficiency tests that is accurate and comprehensive.

In Cebu, Philippines, TOEFL is popular with working professionals who want to work abroad and students who are planning to have an exchange-student program. Hence, it is not surprising to find different TOEFL review centers in the metropolis as the demand for quality review for the said examination has been increasing over the years.

If you are in Cebu, the TOEFL test center is in Cebu City International located c/o Train, Educ and Dev Cons Inc., Suite 308- Centro Maximo, Jakosalem Street, Cebu City. Once you register for the examination, be sure to select this test center. Payment for the TOEFL examination is $175 which is about Php8,000. Registration is done online. Candidates need to create their own account information at and click on My TOEFL iBT Account.

On the exam day, it is best for the candidate to be at the test center an hour before the scheduled time. It is better to be comfortable and relaxed before taking the test. Moreover, there will be a short briefing about the examination where rules before, during, and after the explanation are explained by the test administrators. In addition, check-in before the examination will happen. This is a process wherein the test administrators will ask the candidates to fill up a confidentiality form on the TOEFL. The IDs are checked including the confirmation sheet emailed by ETS. Once the needed identification has been checked, the candidate will be photographed and a room assignment will appear on the computer screen. Once the candidate is checked in, the exam begins.

The TOEFL exam will be much easier if candidates know the importance of being in a TOEFL review center. In a TOEFL review center, candidates are taught how to skim and scan which is essential in the reading section, take notes of main points and ideas needed for the listening and integrated writing, speaking techniques and strategies for speaking and grammar usage together with sentence construction for the writing.

Indeed, working with TOEFL review centers is the best way in acing the test and getting your target score. For more information, visit the nearest TOEFL review center in Cebu City.


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