Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Best TOEFL Apps for iOS Devices - iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

For people who are always busy with work and school, the creation of smartphones and tablets has been a big help with their swamped schedules. Smartphones and tablets are commonly used to access the internet, check emails, and even connect with friends through different social networking sites in existence today. Furthermore, for professionals and students preparing for the TOEFL or the Test of English as a Foreign Language, smartphones and tablets are the best way to review for the TOEFL most especially with the iOS devices. iPhones, iPad, iPod Touch gadgets now have applications that makes reviewing for the TOEFL easier for individuals who are always on the go.

Here are some applications one can download on their iOS devices for the TOEFL.

1.    TOEFL Essay Preparation HD by Shijun Zhou

Having problems with creating a good essay? Well, this app helps any candidates write outlines and come up with better essay structures anytime and anywhere. With 185 topics one can choose from, candidates for the TOEFL will have the variety of topics they can use for writing. Moreover, there are about more than 400 sample essays where candidates can get tips and techniques in their own writing.  What is good about this app is that candidates can write their own essay, upload it and have someone rate it.

2.    Vocabulary for GRE, SAT, ACT, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, ESL, English, Language, Education, Words, Word Power, Exercise by SuVoBi
Like what they say, knowledge is power. Having good vocabulary is highly advantageous when taking an English proficiency test like the TOEFL. This app automatically adjusts with the pace of the user using a balanced amount of stimulation within just thirty or sixty minutes. It is so addictive that users of this app find it more attractive and addictive than vocabulary lists or flashcards.

3.    TOEFL Vocab in Use – Vocabulary Diary 1.0 by Thanh Thu

In the reading and the listening sections of the TOEFL, vocabulary is stressed to be very important and crucial. This app has over 600 vocabulary words in the different subjects commonly used in TOEFL. With a good command of vocabulary, one can easily understand words in passages and conversations without difficulty. Moreover, candidates can also use these words in their writing examination. Surely, this app will bring out the best vocabulary experience.

There are still lots of apps available in the iOS app store; however, some of these are quite pricey. Free apps are so available so candidates can have these experiences in reviewing for the TOEFL. Download these apps now and review for the TOEFL no matter when and where you are.

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