Friday, August 23, 2013

TOEFL Speaking Tips - Strategies on How to Improve Your Skills

Compared with other speaking tests, the TOEFL, otherwise known as the Test of English as a Foreign Language, Speaking Test has been said to be easier and less stressful. For Filipinos, the TOEFL Speaking should be a breeze to them considering their fluency in the English language. But, candidates have to bear in mind that being prepared for the TOEFL Speaking Test is a must for them to achieve their target scores. Now, here are some effective speaking tips candidates for the TOEFL can practice to improve their English speaking skills.

1. Organize your responses

Oftentimes, candidates fail to have a smooth flow of responses to the given tasks. In making responses, especially in the independent tasks, one must remember to include two strong points and details to support the ideas given. Furthermore, with an organized response, there is a huge possibility for candidates not to repeat the same idea to their points; hence, giving them high chances of getting good scores.

2. Learn to use Transitional Words

Ever caught in a sentence where it’s too long and almost unintelligible? Maybe it is time to use transitional words. Transitional words or signal words guide listeners to a response. Using these help raters understand whether a candidate is adding an idea or giving a contradicting notion. They are very helpful as they make answers intelligible and a smooth flow.

3. Build vocabulary

Good responses use words that are perfect for the answer. Having good vocabulary is an advantage as it creates responses that sound smart and appropriate. Candidates can improve their vocabulary by reading books, newspapers, and journals or even watching movies. Learning vocabulary not only is fun but informative as well.

4. Speak English with friends

To be confident in speaking English, speaking the language with friends is highly recommended. Have an English-speaking policy with your friends. This way, everyone gets to practice speaking in English. It is helpful as it develops confidence in speaking and fluency as well.

5. Practice recording responses

Rate yourself. Candidates can do this by getting a recorder or even their phones and record their responses. By doing this, individuals will be able to know what are the weaknesses in their responses – content and delivery – that they should be improving.

With the right amount of practice, any candidates for the TOEFL Speaking Test will be able to get the score that they need. In TOEFL Speaking, one must need to know how to answer the questions properly and the techniques and strategies that make responses better and right. For the 2013 schedules, check it here.


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