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Friday, June 7, 2013

Common Mistakes in TOEFL Speaking

No matter how good one is in communicating in English, there are still predicaments wherein somebody feels uneasy in using the English language in communicating. For Filipinos, the English language has been used in daily conversations typically. It has not been a problem in speaking in English whether in an academic or business setting. Despite the fact that Filipinos are already more comfortable with the usage of the language, taking an English competency evaluation most especially in the speaking area of the TOEFL or the Test of English as a Foreign Language requires a lot of preparation and experience. Filipinos these days want to study with teachers and tutors in TOEFL review centers than studying alone. This is for the reason that TOEFL review centers offer suggestions and tips for these individuals to do well especially in the TOEFL speaking exam.

Candidates decide to work with coaches in a TOEFL review center for them to answer successfully in the evaluation. Without the correct coaching in TOEFL, these candidates for the TOEFL will have a hard time comprehending the speaking test and as a result commit mistakes in giving an answer to the questions. What are these common errors?

First, people must know that there are two different types of tasks in the speaking area. The independent questions are the first section. In the independent question, the person is given a question wherein he or she would need to agree or disagree, choose from solutions or summarize something. With a time limit to speak in 45 seconds, one needs to make a solution that is strong and effective. Most applicants fail to get a good rating on this given that they speak too long. They describe too much with answers. Another error applicants usually make is that they do not develop solid factors behind their ideas. This is because they cannot supply illustrations to support their own thoughts. Another is that some prospects do not fully understand what the question asks. Instead of giving a belief, some agree on the statement. This can result in a low rating when raters assess the answer.

The integrated tasks are questions that are based on a reading and a listening track. Some job hopefuls find this a little tough most significantly when they are not familiar with the issues being outlined. Since this is an integrated question, the answer should only be based on the facts from the reading or the lecture. The problem with some prospects is that they also give their own impression in their response which is really not wanted. The raters assess the response according to how well the person recognized the reading and the lecture. In addition, one typical error prospects make is that they cannot take down the essential specifics from the materials making their replies inadequate.

The advantage of these TOEFL review locations is they instruct the job hopefuls how to lose these common errors and prepare them on how to respond to the tasks correctly.